Every image I make... i am looking for the moment... the light, the expression on the face. Having a past in cinematography and documentary photography, I feel I have had the best of both worlds... searching for truth in a moment and then framing it in a way that tells the story.

I create images of children using their natural expression, using only natural light. It is important to shoot at a place you love and feel comfortable in, so keep that in mind when we first talk. My session fees begin at $300 and this includes around 40-50 creative edits which will be sent to you via online gallery. Fine art prints vary in price depending on size. Please e-mail me at megan@littlegiantsphotography.com to schedule a session. Also, you may visit the session details area of my site for specific timing and clothing information.

-As a side note: Having been a photographer for the last 15 years, I have recently embraced the digital world. But , I still hold a deep respect for traditional BxW film. Currently, in a typical session I shoot only digital, but I am very happy to discuss options for shooting film or a mixture of both.

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